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Meet The Team


Justin Wolf

Executive Chef

 Justin grew up in Medford, and cooking has been a big part of his family and life. At 19, he graduated with honors from the Oregon Coast Culinary Institute. Since then, Justin has worked at well-known restaurants in Southern Oregon, including Larks, Elements Tapas Bar, and SchoolHouse Brewhouse. He brings a broad understanding of farm-to-table simplicity and artisanal pairings from his experience, hoping to bring something new and exciting with Partake.  


Aiyah Gieir

Wine & cheese educator

Aiyah is a cheesemaker and cheesemonger.  She is the head cheesemaker at a small creamery in the Applegate Valley.  Aiyah started her cheesemaking journey 14 years ago after moving to southern Oregon, where farm fresh milk was available.  Coming from a background of farming and cooking, it was a natural fit.  At Partake, Aiyah offers wine and cheese education classes.   

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Faith Lemire-Baeten

Operations Manager & Wine Director

WSET Lvl 2

Faith was born in Northern California wine country and worked as an engineer in Los Angeles before moving to Southern Oregon to start her career in the wine industry. After getting her start managing a local tasting room, she wanted to broaden her horizons into international wine. Faith gets just as excited about a traditional Old World wine as she does about a funky New World one, and she loves finding the perfect wine for any occasion. In her spare time, Faith enjoys traveling, embroidery, sewing, and spending time by or in the water.

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Tim Coatney

Bon Vivant

Tim is a Southern Oregon native. Tim has been working in the wine service industry in one fashion or another since 2013. From curiosity to glass sales at Rosso's Trattoria to becoming a die-hard wine enthusiast, his passion for everyone's favorite grape juice has led him here. Tim may not be an expert, but he's more than happy to learn along with you, and he's very much looking forward to what the future will bring for Partake.

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