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Sunday Brunch


The following menu is influenced by the local grower’s market, and the recipes change weekly! Availability will be limited.


See your server for breakfast-inspired items.


 Prefix menu: 2 courses for $24


 Prefix menu: 3 courses for $30


Appetizers, Choice of One: 


Soup:  See server for details.


Market Salad: See server for details.


Mains, Choice of One: 


House slider: House-made burger and bun with aioli, pickles, lettuce add choice of cheese for $3. Served with salad or vinegar potatoes.

*Yes gluten, no dairy


Muffuletta sandwich: House-made bread with sliced prosciutto, smoked pork loin, grilled lamb sausage olive tapenade, and smoked gouda cheese served with salad or vinegar potatoes.

*Yes gluten, yes dairy    


Pasta: House pasta changes weekly, see server for this week's option.

*Yes gluten, yes dairy  


See your server for additional specials. 


Desserts, Choice of One:


Crème brulee: Classic vanilla crème brulee topped with caramelized raw cane sugar.

*No gluten, yes dairy

Cheese plate: Drunken Goat cheese plate served with baguette and fruit compote.


See your server for additional dessert specials. 

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